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Attract and retain patients without dental insurance

Create and Manage Your In-House Dental Membership Plan

Expand your patient base, increase revenue, and simplify your membership plan administration.  

What is a dental membership plan?

Patients without dental insurance have the opportunity to pay an annual membership fee, allowing them to receive treatment at a discounted rate. As the provider, you have complete control over this arrangement. It is up to you to determine and set the annual membership fee and the discount structure for members.

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Takes Just Minutes To Set Up

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How Dental Membership Plan Software Works

Step 1: Setup The Plan

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly set up your plan on our platform. We provide comprehensive guidelines and examples to assist you in designing your program according to your specific needs.

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Step 2: Market The Plan

Efficiently educate patients about your plan by leveraging both online and offline channels to spread the word. Additionally, establish a membership portal on your website with ease by following a simple setup process.

Step 3: Enroll Members

Easily enroll individuals and/or multiple family members into the membership plan. You have the flexibility to process the membership fee either through your existing payment system or directly on our platform.

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Step 4: Follow Up With Members

Charge members at the agreed-upon discount rate and accurately track their savings during each visit. Furthermore, their membership will be automatically renewed on an annual basis.

Dental Membership Plan Software Features

Enroll Individuals and Families

Enroll individuals or multiple family members and conveniently track their membership status as a group. You can establish distinct membership fees for adults and minors, ensuring flexibility and customization in your program.

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Establish a link on your website to the ‘membership portal’ where patients can easily self-enroll, manage their payment information, and conveniently renew their membership. This portal serves as a user-friendly platform for patients to handle all aspects of their membership.


The dashboard offers essential information right at your fingertips, allowing you to review your progress on a daily basis. Track key metrics such as enrollments, fees received, renewals, active members, expired memberships, and more. Conveniently compare data across different locations, months, and years to gain valuable insights.

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Data Migration

If you already have a membership plan and are considering switching platforms, we offer a seamless data transfer process to our platform at no cost to you. 

Multiple Locations

Effortlessly manage your plan on our platform, whether you operate from a single location or multiple locations. Our platform enables you to easily track and manage enrollments, allowing you to effectively monitor and organize data by location.

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