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Case Study – Dental Membership Plans and Fee Structure

Dental membership programs are rapidly gaining traction in the United States as an innovative alternative to traditional dental insurance. These programs offer patients a simplified, transparent, and often more affordable way to access dental care. Meanwhile, dentists enjoy predictable revenue, reduced administrative hassles, and closer relationships with their patients. Let’s dive into five real-world examples of these programs across the country.

1. Smile Care Club, New York

Overview: Located in the heart of Manhattan, Smile Care Club offers a membership program tailored for urban professionals who value both quality and convenience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Annual comprehensive dental exams
  • Bi-annual cleanings
  • X-rays as required
  • Discounts of up to 20% on cosmetic procedures

Fee Structure:

  • Individual Adult: $35/month or $400/year
  • Couples Plan: $65/month or $740/year
  • Family Plan (up to 4 members): $120/month or $1350/year

Why It Stands Out: Smile Care Club offers late evening hours, catering to the city’s busy professionals, making dental care more accessible without compromising on their hectic schedules.

2. Pacific Dental Wellness, California

Overview: Situated along the sunny shores of California, Pacific Dental Wellness emphasizes holistic dental care through its membership plans.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fluoride-free cleanings
  • Biocompatible dental materials
  • Holistic dental health checkups
  • Special discounts on natural teeth-whitening treatments

Fee Structure:

  • Holistic Individual: $40/month or $450/year
  • Holistic Family (up to 4 members): $130/month or $1470/year

Why It Stands Out: The focus on holistic dentistry ensures that patients receive care that aligns with a more natural and whole-body health approach.

3. Midwest Dental Solutions, Illinois

Overview: In the heart of the Midwest, this dental practice offers solutions tailored for both children and adults, ensuring comprehensive family care.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pediatric dental checkups
  • Orthodontic consultation discounts
  • Adult regular cleanings and exams
  • Emergency dental consultations

Fee Structure:

  • Child Plan (up to 12 years old): $20/month or $220/year
  • Adult Plan: $30/month or $340/year
  • Family Bundle (2 adults, 2 children): $95/month or $1080/year

Why It Stands Out: The inclusion of pediatric-specific dental care and orthodontic consultations ensures that families can get comprehensive dental care under one roof.

4. Southern Charm Dental, Texas

Overview: In Texas, where everything is bigger, Southern Charm Dental provides expansive coverage with its membership program, ensuring that patients get more bang for their buck.

Features and Benefits:

  • Annual oral cancer screenings
  • No-cost X-rays
  • Prioritized booking for members
  • 15% off on restorative treatments

Fee Structure:

  • Lone Star Individual: $28/month or $320/year
  • Lone Star Family (up to 5 members): $100/month or $1140/year

Why It Stands Out: The oral cancer screening is a standout feature, ensuring early detection and intervention. It also reflects the practice’s commitment to the overall health and well-being of its patients.

5. Mountain Peak Dental Plans, Colorado

Overview: Situated in the serene settings of Colorado, Mountain Peak Dental offers membership plans that reflect the state’s adventurous spirit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Discounts on sports mouth guards
  • Specialized care for accident-induced dental injuries
  • Annual dental cleanings and exams
  • Off-hours emergency consultations

Fee Structure:

  • Adventurer Individual: $30/month or $350/year
  • Family Adventure (up to 4 members): $110/month or $1260/year

Why It Stands Out: Recognizing the active lifestyles of its clientele, Mountain Peak offers features like sports mouth guards and care for accident-induced injuries, making it the go-to option for Colorado’s adventure enthusiasts.


Dental membership programs in the U.S. reflect the diverse needs and lifestyles of patients across the country. From holistic care in California to sports-centric plans in Colorado, these programs are redefining the way dental care is accessed and provided. For patients, they offer clarity, affordability, and a range of features tailored to their needs. For dentists, they promise consistent revenue, a reduction in administrative burdens, and a chance to build deeper, lasting relationships with patients. It’s a win-win, and it’s reshaping the dental care landscape in the U.S. one smile at a time. is a membership plan dental software platform dental practices use to set up and manage an in-house membership plan. They offer several guidelines and examples on how to get started. You can try this platform for free for 30 days.


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